Payment Options

We truly see value in helping you successfully reaching the best level of health & wellness that you can possibly have here at A Chiropractic Tradition Dr. Edwin Roberts.

No matter the budget, we will work to your needs with our flexible pricing plans and insurance policies to ensure any chiropractic care needed is given. Our office engages in the vast majority of insurance programs. If you have any concerns about your insurance and questions you would like to ask us, please give us a call at 850-912-4155. Workers compensation and auto accident cases are also accepted when common symptoms such as headaches and back pain have occurred. If you are a patient with no or little insurance coverage to chiropractic care, give a direct call to our Pensacola chiropractic office at 850-912-4155. Our staff will be happy to speak with you and go over your options!


Our office accepts most forms of insurance including auto accident, personal injury, and workers compensation cases that result in any number of the common pain issues in which we treat; back, neck, head, and others.  Due to the wide variety of health insurances plans offered, please contact us with any questions you may have before starting your chiropractic care plan. Medicare is accepted.

No Insurance

We can work with you in payment programs without insurance to make sure everyone can have to opportunity in receiving the benefits of chiropractic care here at A Chiropractic Tradition Dr. Edwin Roberts. There are methods with or without insurance for you to get the pain relief that you need. Very commonly patients will make direct payments for their visits, more specifically when they uncover our affordability & cost efficiency our chiropractic care is. 

Family Plans

We work to actively help not only you but you and your family in keeping your wellness and health. Our chiropractic services will not only give you an education on what to do for your own health but how to care for others as well keeping everyone important to you in the best of conditions. We can easily create family chiropractic plans customized to your family’s specific needs.

Health on a Budget

with Chiropractic Care

At A Chiropractic Tradition Dr. Edwin Roberts in Pensacola, we aim to give you what you are seeking using the ideal amount of time and money for all parties! It’s important to us our patients know we value their time and want to give them the results they are looking for, believing that the best solution is prevention!

Our chiropractic care can get you to the desired results faster over waiting for an issue to solve itself – and we are happy to help. Our focus is to begin the healing process of your injuries prior to anything developing to a severe state. 

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